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In July of 2015 I was seeking help with my later-in-life attempts to write fiction.   I searched the internet in the hopes of finding an affordable way to obtain the professional guidance that I needed.  When I found Oz-Edit, I immediately sensed the competence, sincerity and understanding that would help me with what I wanted to accomplish.  Jim Parson’s professionalism and efficiency have kept me working with Oz-edit for more than a year at a cost that is very affordable.  In fact, our first exchanges of manuscript editing took place while he was on holiday in Europe.  He was tireless in his efforts to help me even while vacationing.   I can recommend this service without reservation or hesitation. 

Peter R

July 8, 2016
After reading module ten I just had to say this... even if someone had crawled inside my mind they couldn't have possibly written a more inspiring message for me. These were just the words I needed to hear and are so fitting that it was almost like you were speaking directly to me. It is encouraging for me that my personal situation and vision of the novel-writing process so closely mirrors that which you describe in the module. I've said it before and I'll say it again...I would be lost without your course. My main character, Cierra, also would like to thank you. She would still just be a few megabytes collecting virtual dust if it weren't for you.Thanks again for what you do.

Greg Powers, Texas, USA

Great course! I like the structure: small chunks of information with exercises to practice and receive feedback on.  The choice of language is clear and casual, often humorous. And although I know very little about it, the order in which the information is presented seems to work very well. With modules, having to make the choice to continue regularly maintains focus and and improves motivation, too, I think.

Amanda Rallings, Vancouver, Canada


I've just read through mod 5 and have to remark on your professionalism. This is a really serious course, and very worth-while. And challenging. It's great stuff. I'd recommend it to anyone.

Warwick Austin, Sydney, NSW, Australia

I had a vague idea for a novel and thought I'd better learn how to write before I started. By the third module, my book was fully formed in my head. Before long it was getting written, bit by bit, through the assignments. Now it is screaming at me to be finished!  The marking is clear, constructive and encouraging, the turn around time unbelievably rapid, and I now consider Jim not only my mentor, but also as a friend.  Taking this course has changed me from a dreamer into a potential author. I highly recommend it.

Rose Gardener, Rhyl, Wales


The modules are well paced, address every aspect of novel writing, offer superior instruction, variety and advice, encourage creativity when I would likely be stuck in a stock-standard mindset.  The assignments give a personalised critique with the good, the bad and the fugly.

Having feedback on my work at regular intervals helps keep me motivated and on track as much as a pat on the head keeps a child well tempered.  It's a defined weekly goal to have my assignments completed and because it's delivered in small increments it doesn't overwhelm.  I believe with every cell of my being that if I purchased the entire 20 modules all in one go and had to complete them all and send them in as a whole I would never have done it

Kylie Best, Gympie, QLD, Australia

"Just as some people enter your life and make you a better person, Jim Parsons has made me a better writer. His belief in me made me believe more in myself, and gave me the courage to follow through."

Shane Kelly, author: The Awakened Observer, 2009


 From the acknowledgment page of 'Eat Right Without the Marketing Hype':

"To Jim and Julie Parsons: without your help this book would never have been finished.  You've been more helpful than you'll ever realise."

'Eat Right without the Marketing Hype - The Seven Secrets to Amazing Health', Matthew Riddell, 2007

[ISBN 0-646-46840-5]  



"With positive feedback like this, you bet I'm grinning! 

Half the pleasure of conducting this course is getting to know my students personally - well, as personally as email contact allows.

And it's great to know that students can actually see the difference I'm making to their writing."

Jim Parsons







writing coach Jim Parsons


"The quality of Jim's work is outstanding.  It is obvious to me that he has an intricate knowledge of English grammar as he tracked down and rectified a plethora of grammatical errors in my work that I didn't even realise were there.  His feedback on my writing style was also impressive.  He highlighted a number of problems inherent with my writing approach that had never been pointed out to me before.  All in all, I wish I had received the same level of feedback about my writing skills from my professors and lecturers when I did my Master's degree!"  

Matthew F.  2016
Teacher [email available on request]


"Jim at Oz-Edit-Proofreadng  has made my manuscript shine and made it the best it can be. 

Throughout all the stages of writing, from giving my work the best structure and avoiding a novice's pitfalls to copy-editing and proof reading, Jim Parson's mentoring and professional assistance has been invaluable. On top of that, Oz-Edit's prices were very reasonable and Jim has been an absolute pleasure to work with - friendly, extremely knowledgeable and always there to lend a helping hand. 

I will look no further than Oz-Edit for professional editing and assistance with my new book, which I've just started work on.

 Sven Scheppokat, author of The Snowberry Files Case 1: The Hunt for the Mahogany Ship"

Through Jim's course I have become a better writer!  With his careful and considerate advice, I've been able to use my strengths and improve on my weaknesses.  Jim is always there for me if I have a question.  He answers promptly (no long and frustrating wait while I bang my writer's-blocked brain against the computer screen!), and he never gives me discouraging advice or makes me feel clueless.  He takes what is given and provides me with suggestions and a direction, which is often all I really need.  I know that without Jim's course, I'd have thrown in the towel a long time ago.

Beth H. Muse.  South Carolina, USA


Searching the net for a course on writing I came across Jim’s and liked what I read.

On joining, I was not disappointed. His responses, suggestions and encouragement are great as I went through the well put together modules.

Thanks Jim

Gerald Halliday, Brisbane, QLD, Australia

A friend recommended Jim Parsons' writing course to me, and on a whim I e-mailed him and started in on the various modules.  I have to say his mentoring has been absolutely INVALUABLE to me as a budding novelist.  I've had ideas on the shelf for years and none of them have made it past chapter 3.  I'm now well on my way to actually completing my first novel and that wouldn't have been possible without Jim's very patient guidance.  I highly recommend this course to anyone and everyone who has hit a wall with their writing.  Jim's not only a fantastic editor and writing coach, he's also a bloody funny and entertaining friend.  The course has been informative, sometimes frustrating - but in a good way, and above all else totally enjoyable!
Jarryd Williams, BRISBANE, QLD, Australia