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The novice writer's  worst nightmare -- being told you must 'Show, Don't Tell'  when you don't know HOW to achieve the skill.  This mini-course of  5 modules covers all aspects of the problem. Each module has an assignment which allows you to practice your Show don't Tell skills and to get personalised professional mentoring on what you write. Your ability to use POV (showing a story from a character Point of View) will improve out of sight.

OPTION 1. Individual Course Modules --  $21.80 each

You may  purchase modules individually at $21.80 each, buying as you want them, paying as you go.   Modules should be bought in order of presentation.  The modules are delivered to your email and you will send your assignment to writing mentor Jim Parsons at and receive mentoring advice on your writing style.

Module 1.   Introduction to 'Show, Don't Tell and POV

Module 2.  Describing action in key scenes using show don't tell

Module 3.  Revealing emotion and mood, including in dialogue

Module 4.   Describing and developing characters with Show, Don't Tell

Module 5. Balancing narrative summary with enacted scenes.

OPTION 2.  Stand-alone Introductory Module (and accompanying  assignment) --  $29

This stand-alone module is designed for those who prefer a compact, less expensive solution. It extends the  learning material of Module 1, touching on the topics of all the other course modules, and has a greater range of exercises in the assignment.  Many writers will find it sufficient to overcome 'Show, Don't Tell' problems and to better understand the value of character POV [Point of View].  If, on completion, you feel you need more help or further mentored practice, the remaining 4 modules will still be available at $21.80 each.

OPTION 3. Discounted package of all 5 modules  --   $79

By committing  to the entire Show Don't Tell mini-course and paying up-front, you make an enormous saving. You receive  $109  value for only $79. Modules are still sent at the pace you set and are promptly marked and returned

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