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Just can't help writing ...but need writing help?

If you've been trying to find a writing coach to help you write a novel, you're on the right page.

If you check my writing coach rates, you'll see they compare very favourably with writing mentors elsewhere who frequently charge between $60-$100 per hour.

My Writing Coach Rates
I don't charge by the hour - it's too vague.  I charge a flat rate of $35 per 5000 words.  You know exactly what the cost will be, because you can figure it out yourself from your word count.

What's more,  you can send just a couple of chapters at a time, work on my suggestions, revise, and then send me the next batch.  You pay only when you send me work.

If that first $35 doesn't convince you I'm very good at what I do, you don't have to spend any more. It's as simple as that.

Prerequisite Sessions

In order to ensure that the overall structure, plot arc  and characterisation of the novel are first rate, and to give myself an overview of the work, I commence the mentoring with three set questionnaire and mentor response sessions that are priced at only $40 each. When this has been completed, I commence working chapter-by-chapter and the rate becomes $35 per 5000 words.

The Role of a Writing Mentor

As your writing mentor, I start where you are and help you improve your quality of writing and your skills in crafting a novel.  I am not a ghost writer: I work with what you have already written and make suggestions for improvement.

My Mentoring Process

  • As mentioned above, there are three obligatory questionnaire sessions that require you to summarise your novel in a specific way, extract certain plot points and detail your character profiles. This gives me an initial overview of the work and I ensure that the basic idea,structure and characterisation are sound.
  •  Next I start with the first chapter (or prologue) to ensure it engages the reader immediately. I gauge the present quality of your writing.  If you have significant writing flaws, they will be right there in that first chapter.
  • I look for flaws and weaknesses in your plotting and characterisation and actively assist you to improve any problems.  I look at your narrative technique; in particular I help you past the most common problem for novice writers -- telling instead of showing.  I help you develop scenes that will convince the reader they are right there watching it all happen.
  • I assist you if your dialogue is stilted, inappropriate or making poor or incorrect use of dialogue tags and action tags. I make sure you punctuate dialogue correctly
  • I deliver punctuation and grammar lessons if and when I find you have a problem. You are in the hands of an English Major and Adult Education English teacher:  I might get pedantic at times but I know my field.
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Do you already have a finished, or partly-finished, novel? 

Would you like some professional feedback on your work?


The Gold Coast, QLD editing company, OZ-Edit Proofreading is really me with my editing hat on. 

Here's what I offer:


Chapter One Technical Critique - $45.00 (for 1 chapter up to 3000 words - if over 3000, price out surplus at $1.50 per 100 words).  Ensure that your opening chapter does what it must to hook readers. Check for writing flaws early.  The Technical Critique includes a full line edit.