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Twenty carefully-structured modules that teach you the craft of novel writing and take your book step-by-step from 'bright idea'  to finished first draft. Enjoy the detailed, clear and breezy text that is the result of  Jim's 15 years' teaching experience in adult education, and a personal passion for writing.  Check out the course content here.


Every assignment furthers your novel - watch that novel grow!  You receive one-on-one personalised mentoring from a writing professional. Jim ensures that you have the crucial plot elements - a great opening chapter, an inciting incident, rising tension, a good plot arc, a darkest moment and climax. Your assignment-chapters come back to you with fresh insights and suggestions for improvement.  Flaws are identified early; persistent grammar and punctuation problems are tackled. Plus, as an editor, Jim has an eye for style: he will encourage that special fizz in your writing that is uniquely you.


What better motivation is there than actually seeing your novel develop each time you send in an assignment? Your course assignments are relevant to your novel - not just pointless exercises. Having a module assignment due will make you  'turn up at the page.' You have a writing mentor who will encourage and inspire you to produce better and better work.


No one should have to pay $1000-2000 up-front for a writing course they may never complete or that does not deliver what it promises.  Jim Parsons' email course  gives novice writers a chance to  enjoy professional writer mentoring at minimal cost - just $24.70 per module.  Best of all, your first module is a free trial; you buy subsequent modules only if and when you want them. No strings, no contract.  Just quality material - satisfaction guaranteed, because you simply don't buy the next module if you are not completely thrilled with the results you are getting from the  course. For more about how the course is delivered and payment, see Course Content.